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Tips during self-quarantine/Coronavirus pandemic #4

The other day, New York City announced the school closure until the end of the year (June). Probably most of the school districts in the country will follow the decision.

What did you think?

What was your feeling about the news?

Today, I’d like to introduce “Acknowledging”.


It is a coaching technique we use to our clients during our sessions. However, it is still useful to use it for yourself.

As a coach, I show the acknowledgment of my client’s thoughts, feelings, and actions without judgment. I just simply tell what he/she said, what I hear, and/or what my understanding is. I do not add, change, nor translate what I hear.

There is an interesting article/blog post regarding principles of the power of acknowledgment.

In this article/post, it says “acknowledgment can improve the emotional and physical health of both the giver and the receiver”. If it was true, and I believe it IS true, there was no reason why we don’t use it in our daily life.

It’s not so easy, but you can use this acknowledging skill by yourself.

This is how to use the acknowledging sill.

If you think “I don’t like this situation”, you can simply tell yourself “I don’t like the current situation”. Or if you feel “I am super stressed”, then say “I feel that I am stressed”. Probably you are not motivated to do anything. Then, you can tell yourself “I don’t feel like doing anything right now”. You don’t have to add any reason/comment, justify your thoughts, feelings, and actions/inactions, and evaluate yourself. All you have to do is acknowledge what you think, feel, and do.

If you practice meditation, you might have experienced something similar during your practice. When you try to focus on your breathing, your mind starts to work busily and urge you to do something else. And it is often said that just acknowledge your busy mind. Let it happen. Don’t try to fight back.

This self-acknowledgment process is very similar to meditation. When you realize you have an unwilling thought, feeling, and action, don’t try to justify, deny, and/or ignore it. Just acknowledge what you think, feel, and do. It is okay to think awful things, feel terrible, and lose your motivation. You don’t have to understand why it happens nor accept what happens. Just recognize that is happening.

This is acknowledging skill. Just try to do it for a week!


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