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The last quarter in 2019

Summer is over, the new school year is starting (has started?) in many parts of the world. The season is definitely changing.

In Japan, academic years starts in April, so it feels still strange to have a starting point in September. However, I am adjusting!

Are you ready to finish 2019?

How has it been this year? What happened to the plan you made at the very beginning of the year? How much have you done so far? How happy are you with your progress? How are you going to spend the rest of the year?

2019 is not over yet! So if you have a plan but your progress is not as much as you expected, don’t worry. You still have four months! You are lucky to read this post now that you realize you still have some time to work! Otherwise, you might have remembered your plan on December 31st and no day to work!!

So, how would you spend the next four months to finalize the year?

Also, how would you like to finish 2019 on December 31st?

Are you ready for 2020??

Do you have any idea what you would like to achieve next year? How can you make next year a wonderful one? How would you like next year to be different from the past? What is your plan to make it very special?

So, how would you spend the next four months to plan?

Also, how would you like to start 2020 on January 1st?

Your life is not a sprint. 2019 is not the finish line. And 2020 is not a complete start. It is like a marathon. It is continuing. Continuing for a long time. So you need water stations and food stations here and there. Do you have any?

You need YOUR water stations and food stations. You need to set them up. Nobody would do it for you.

To set up your water stations and food station, you have to take some time to invest YOURSELF. Take some time to think about your life, your future, and your dream.

What do you need to finish the year?

What do you want for the next year?

Do you have anyone to discuss it with you? Talk to him/her right away. You don’t have time to lose.

Don’t you have anyone to talk to? I am here for you. I am all ears.

I have spent 10 years + to work with my clients’ talent development. You have nothing to lose by talking to me!


If you are interested in talking about your expat life, concerns, challenges, and opportunities, please book a FREE session from here →

I would love to hear your story.


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