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Asked 30 leaders. “What is the biggest challenge right now?” #1

Recently, I had an opportunity to ask 30 leaders what the biggest challenge was. Everyone had their own challenges, however, I realized many of them were similar when you look deeper.

There are FOUR big topics that many leaders are working on and I thought it’d be interesting to share them with you.

Those FOUR topics are

1) To Speak Out

2) Own Development

3) Time Management/Work-Life Balance

4) People Management

Today, I focus on 1) To Speak Out.

Four leaders answered “TO SPEAK OUT” as their challenge.

One of the leaders who is a black female, told me that she worried her opinions/ideas turn out to be wrong and/or her opinions/ideas make others upset. It is very understandable especially because she is a black female leader in a white male dominant company. She kept saying that she felt like she had to prove that she was eligible to be in the seat.

Another leader was telling me that she often had second thoughts. After many second thoughts experiences, she realized she hesitated to speak out. Even though she never made any big mistake by speaking out, she tend to regret her own words. Now she is afraid of speaking out.

I heard some leaders saying that they worried to be seen as not a good leader, not capable, and/or not good enough. And because of the fear, they tend to stay quiet. After being quiet for a while, it becomes more difficult to speak out. They know it is important to speak out and advocate their positions, actions, and ideas, but it requires extra effort for them to speak out.

Sometimes I role-play with my client when they tell me it is difficult to speak out. By practicing many times in the safe environment, leaders gain confidence.

Are you one of those leaders?

If so, let’s find what you can do to improve the situation.

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