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Are you ready for a change?

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Having left your work and moved abroad for your spouse's career, do you feel you have lost your identity?

I felt that way for a while after we relocated to the States. I felt like I was “just a mom” and “just a wife”. I knew a SAHM is as valuable as a working mom, and maintaining a household is not an easy task. I understood the value and challenge of taking care of children and household, however, I might have appreciated a lot what my job provided me.

I knew the relocation was the best option for us as a family, but I didn’t feel that way.

I felt I was stuck and had no option. I blamed my husband, the circumstance, and basically everything. I didn't go out, didn't try to meet new people, or didn’t seek any opportunity.

One day,

I realized “I” chose to come to the States.

I realized that “I” had to be changed if “I” didn’t like the circumstance.

I realized that “I” had a big potential to do what I wanted.


I started to go to an ESL class which I didn't need it for my language skill, but I needed it for my emotional first step.

I started to get involved in school volunteer work for my children’s school.

I started to look for what I wanted to do.


I know what I want.

I know that I can do what I want.

I know that I am evolving and will be evolving from now on.


I would love to share my experience with people who are just like me in the past.

I would love to serve these people.

I would love to see them grow.

Are you ready for a change?


If you are interested in talking about your expat life, concerns, challenges, and opportunities, please book a FREE session from here →

I would love to hear your story.




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