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Inner Voice

Updated: May 27, 2019

Inner voice, or internal monologue, is the voice you hear in your head.

For example,

Inner voice A: “Can I eat the chocolate?”

Inner voice B: “No, I shouldn’t.”

Inner voice A: “Why not? It looks good.”

Inner voice B: “No, because I need to lose weight.”

Inner voice A: “OK, that’s true.”

Or something like,

Inner voice C: “Oh, there is an opening position in the company I’ve been wanting to work for! I should apply!!”

Inner voice D: “Am I stupid? I can’t get the job. I am not good enough. There are tons of people who are smarter, more experienced and with better skill set than I am.”

Inner voice C: “That’s right… I should stay in my current work”

The inner voice B is probably helping you from gaining weight. However, the inner voice D is stopping you from challenging. There is a possibility that the voice D is also helping you maybe from being hurt or being disappointed. But how true that you won’t get the job? You might have had a similar experience in the past or you might have heard someone who is in a similar situation could not get a job. But how do you know the same thing will happen to you this time? What do you lose from challenging? What could be long-term impacts (positive and negative) in your life by not challenging?

You can talk about your inner voice during coaching sessions, and we can discuss what YOU really want.

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