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Stay in the host country? Go back to my home country??

Since the beginning of this COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve heard many people questioning themselves if he/she should stay in the host country or go back to his/her own country.

There are some people who have no choice either going back or staying.

But there are some other people who can decide for themselves.

Either way, it’s not easy to go through this pandemic situation.

For those who have no choice, it is frustrating and irritating because you are not able to control your own life. Someone made a decision and you have to follow it. Relocating internationally is tough. You have to cancel your phone, bank account, credit card, and other stuff you have been using for years. And you have to set them up again once you go back home. At this moment, you might need to quarantine for a while even when you go back home. You might not have a place to stay beside a hotel for weeks.

However, having an opportunity of choosing to stay or not is not easy either. If you decided to stay, you might question yourself if you made a good decision or not. If you decide to leave, you might question yourself if you made a good decision or not too. When something happens to you or your family, you would feel guilty to make the decision even though you did your best when you made the decision. If you decide to stay but most of the people around you decide to leave, you might feel you might have a wrong decision and/or feel lonely.

I’ve heard a story of someone who wanted to go back home, but the situation of the home country was worse than her host country. So her family asked her to stay in her host country. However, she was worried about her elderly parents. Even if she went back home today, she wouldn’t be able to see her parents for weeks. So she told me that she felt she was trapped in the host country.

It is a reality of people who live overseas.

What is your situation? A coach can hear your story. Many have reported that coaching sessions helped stress reduction, calm, and/or reassurance under the current circumstance.


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I would love to hear your story.


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