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One small step at a time

One of my clients started her session with me a little while ago. She relocated to Houston, TX from Singapore about two years ago, and it’s been challenging for her. However, she decided to change her life. Still, she faces challenges, but instead of those challenges stop her from moving forward, she decided to take action.

She told me she had several ideas she wanted to complete by the end of our three-months session. One of the ideas she had been wanting to do was learning WordPress, a website creation. She had the idea for a few years. Because she had been wanted to create a website by herself. So we started to discuss what she could do as a first small step. Then a week after, we discussed the next small step. Sometimes things didn’t work as she hoped, but as we had a back-up plan in advance, she was able to keep moving on.

Several weeks later, she created a beautiful website!

Neither of us imagined that she could make a website in such a short period of time, but she did. It was amazing.

She is a busy mom with a young energetic boy. And her husband travels all around the world often. So she is busy in her daily life, but once she decided to add a small step in her daily life, she kept it and now we can see a big difference within several weeks!

I saw an interesting TED Talk who did various 30-day challenges.

In the TED Talk video, Mr. Matt Cutts talks about three benefits of 30-day challenges.

>First, Mr. Cutts mentioned that 30-day challenges made ordinal days become more memorable. Do you feel time flies all the time? He said by having a 30-day challenge, you spend your days more consciously.

>Second, he found out that 30-day challenges helped his confidence grew. He said he climbed to Mt. Kilimanjaro, but he would not try the challenge if he didn’t do the 30-day challenges.

>At last, and probably most importantly, he said small changes from 30-day challenges are sustainable. If you try a big and crazy challenge, such as an extreme diet, you might end up gaining weight after the challenge. However, if your challenge is easy to start and continue, it becomes your routine. And you can keep the habit for a long time.

You have nothing to lose by trying 30-day challenges. So why don’t you try something you have been wanted to do? The reason why you read this blog might be that you are ready to accomplish what you want to do.


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