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Message for Professionals who live overseas

Are you a professional who is being away from your home country?

Do you have a busy schedule in your daily life and you don’t think much in day to day life, but sometimes find feeling lonely?

Will you miss your family gatherings during the holiday season?

Do you know anyone who has a profession and lives far from his/her own country?

This time of the season, it can be very challenging for you. Especially if you have a demanding profession, it’d be difficult to spend quality time with your own family. Or you might have all the family members living back home.

My first similar experience was when I was 21.

I was an exchange student at a university in the US and spent my first holiday season alone. As I never missed family gathering in the past, I didn’t think much how lonely I’d feel. So I realized the huge impact when everyone around me left the town. I felt so lonely and miserable. The internet was not as common as it is, so I couldn’t connect with my family easily. I spent almost the whole week by sobbing and crying.

I was just a student. So my situation was less stressful, but I still remember the time.

Even though we have the internet in our daily life and can talk and see each other online, still it is different from being together. Also, if you have a significant time difference between your host country and your home country, it can be difficult to see your family when they get together.

In many areas in the world, this time of the year is cold and dark. It makes you feel even worse.

I spent one winter in Northern England where Sunrise can be close to 8:30 am and Sunset can be before 4 pm. And even during the day, it was gray and gloomy. I was away from my family again, but I prepared for the holiday. I found another person who was away from home and decided to spend the week together. However, months after months of the darkness made me feel blue.

My two experiences last only one year each. So I could have reunited with my family the next year. But if you are working, this can be in your situation every year.

There is no miraculous solution for this, but I believe it can be helpful if you talk to someone how you feel. If you need someone to talk to, please let me know. I am here.

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