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Asked 30 leaders. “What is the biggest challenge right now?” #3


Recently, I had an opportunity to ask 30 leaders what the biggest challenge was. Everyone had their own challenges, however, I realized many of them were similar when you look deeper.
There are FOUR big topics that many leaders are working on and I thought it’d be interesting to share them with you.
Those FOUR topics are
1) To Speak Out
2) Own Development
3) Time Management/Work-Life Balance
4) People Management


Today, I focus on 3) Time Management/Work-Life Balance

6 leaders answered “TIME MANAGEMENT/WORK-LIFE BALANCE” as their challenge.

In March 2020, out of the blue, many parents were forced to juggle work, childcare, and errands with uncertainty and anxiety.

One of the leaders showed up at our first session in May with fear and fatigue. In many days, she had back-to-back meetings for hours, but in the meantime, she hadto take care of her one-year-old baby. So it was only after she put her baby in bed when she could do her own work.

Another leader said it was very difficult for him to separate his work time and private time. He often ended up working until late and felt tired all the time.

Another person felt strong stress by working from home. She was thinking that she had to show outstanding performance even more. She knew it was not true and company and her managers understood challenges all employees were facing, but she kept thinking that she had to work harder everyday.

Even now, after exactly one year from the beginning of the pandemic, many people are still struggling his/her time management and work-life balance.

However, all the leaders I meet are working to improve his/her quality of life and they are mostly successful. That said, this is not an easy task, and while he/she may experience bouncing path along the way, they are more optimistic about controlling their own time and life.

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