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Asked 30 leaders. “What is the biggest challenge right now?” #2

Updated: Mar 9, 2021


Recently, I had an opportunity to ask 30 leaders what the biggest challenge was. Everyone had their own challenges, however, I realized many of them were similar when you look deeper.
There are FOUR big topics that many leaders are working on and I thought it’d be interesting to share them with you.
Those FOUR topics are
1) To Speak Out
2) Own Development
3) Time Management/Work-Life Balance
4) People Management


Today, I focus on 2) Own Development

5 leaders answered “OWN DEVELOPMENT” as their challenge.

Two leaders mentioned emotional regulation was their challenge. When they encounter disagreement and/or difficulties, it was not easy for them to control their emotion. They understand well the importance of being calm and they know how, but still, it is challenging.

One of them said “I have been showing my passion and confidence by using strong words. I feel people might think I lose my interest and become less powerful if I behave relaxed. So I hesitate to do it...”.

Another leader said she was hearing self-critics all the time. She believed she was not doing enough, had to do more, and she was not good enough. She wanted to improve her work-life balance, but she was afraid doing so, because she believed her performance would be less in both quality and quantity if she focus on her work-life balance.

Another said he lost confidence in his work when placed in uncertain situation. It is normal to feel anxious when you do something new. And he understood it. However, it required a lot of courage to take the first step. Even though he had enough experience to do new things, he still hesitated to do something new every single time.

All the experiences are common among many leaders, so it’s not surprising even if you feel the same.

However, would you like to keep those thoughts and feelings?

What will be changed if you don't carry those thoughts and feelings all the time?

How would you like to show up in everyday?

Would you like to have a conversation with an experienced coach regarding your thoughts and feelings in the judgement free environment?


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I would love to hear your story.


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