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Three things that make you happy today

Updated: May 27, 2019

While I took a coaching training, there was an assignment to list three things that made me happy.

Next morning, the weather forecast was telling that it was going to snow. So the sky was gray and gloomy.

I was on a train to the city to go to the training. To get to the city, I had to take a train early in the morning, and it had been only a little more than one hour since I woke up. I was telling myself “Nothing much happened in one hour. I can’t think of any “good” thing yet”. Then I traced my morning. And I realized that my children who usually sleep until around 7 woke up by themselves to see me off at 6:40. Then I noticed that the weather forecast for the morning was snow, but it was not snowing yet, so I didn’t get wet. At the same time, I realized that luckily I could have found a seat on the train.

Wow. It made me extremely happy out of sudden. Nothing changed. Nothing happened. But my mood changed dramatically by realizing those three things. I felt everything around me started to shine.

Tell me what your three things of the day are.


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