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What is your plan for the year 2019?

Updated: May 27, 2019

Have you ever surprised how fast a year goes by? Before you realize, summer comes without knowing it. Then, next time, you see Halloween decorations and then you hear Christmas songs. I have heard from somewhere, the speed of a year is determined by how long have you lived. So if you were five, the speed of one year would be “1/5”. Then if you were 40, one year would be “1/40”. No wonder why a year goes faster and faster!

How was your 2018? Were you able to achieve your goal, reach your dream or complete your to-do-list? I did it. And actually I did more than I expected at the end of 2017!! Every single step was a baby step, but after 365 steps, it became a big change.

Would you like to make your 2019 a memorable year? What would you feel if you achieve something you couldn’t do in the past? If you do not make a move now, nothing will happen and another year goes by.

If you are interested to make your 2019 a NEW year, please let me know. We can discuss what your goal is for 2019. Our initial session is free, so it is a great opportunity to discuss a New Year’s resolution in January.


If you are interested in talking about your expat life, concerns, challenges, and opportunities, please book a FREE session from here →

I would love to hear your story.


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