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A great tool to find your next step -Values Assessment-

Have you ever used a tool called “Values Assessment”? It is a simple but very powerful tool to figure out what your values are.

You might say “I know my values”, but by using this tool, you may be able to grasp a clearer picture of your values.

During our coaching session, I sometimes suggest to my clients if they would like to try this assessment. Each time I use it, my clients tell me they learn something new about themselves.

Recently I used this tool for one of my clients. She is an executive level leader, but she still has more than a decade to retire. She loves what she does, but she knew that this passion would not last. She also felt that she would be bored if nothing changed in the future. So she believed she had to find something as her next step. In the past, she could look around and was able to find interesting options that others were doing. However, in her current position, it is difficult to find someone who is in the direction she is aiming for and who can serve as a role model for her. So we spent one whole session learning about her by using Values Assessment tool. We learned what she values and why she values them. After understanding what her values are, she was able to know where the next opportunities might be and how she could reach them.

As the stages of your life change, so do your values. For example, in your twenties you may value friendship and freedom, but after getting married and having a child, those values become less important. It doesn’t mean they are unnecessary in your life, but as your priorities change, so do your values. Therefore, you can measure your latest values by conducting this assessment. And when you want to choose something or find a direction, you can make a decision based on your values.

If you are interested in learning your values, please let me know.


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