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A coach: This is what I do

Updated: May 27, 2019

Let me introduce my business. I am an intercultural coach and helping expats to become intercultural experts. It can be hard and stressful to live overseas. There are so many unknown things and different "norms". You might feel weak and unprotected.

I was there. When I moved to the States 4 years ago, I was shocked to find it was challenging because I had been to the States many times before, lived in the States for one year during college and could speak the language. I thought there shouldn't be a problem, but I was wrong.

So I'd like to tell you that it is normal to be anxious in a host country. It happens more especially if you'd never visited the host country before and/or don't speak the language.

As a coach, I am here to listen. Listen to the stories from all over the world. How hard it is. How stressful it is. Sometimes to be heard by someone helps. I use an online meeting system (Zoom) and you can choose to use audio only or with video. The conversation is only between us. And our conversation is completely judgment-free.

If you know anyone who lives away from his/her home country, please tell him/her that I am here. Or he/she might know someone who needs to be heard. I am happy to hear stories. I offer a one-hour discovery session. #interculturalcandc #coaching #intercultural #listen


If you are interested in talking about your expat life, concerns, challenges, and opportunities, please book a FREE session from here →

I would love to hear your story.


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