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Most needed jobs in the USA

I don’t know exactly how many of you who read my blog posts are seeking an opportunity to relocate to the US, but I thought it was an interesting topic to choose from.

Also, this information is useful for people who are already in the US as well.

If you are thinking to choose your future and/or to change your career, it might be useful information for you.

Or if you are seeking a business opportunity, those industries might have more chances because they are growing.

When you guess what industry looks for people all the time, you might have one or two industries in your mind.

And one of them might be the IT industry. It has one of the most needed jobs in the USA. Since the ’90s, the IT industry has been growing and expanding. In the ‘90s, no many people COULD use a computer, so the ability to type was useful. However, after 30 years, everyone gets used to technology and needed skills have changed. Based on the report from Stastista (, as of July 2019, more than 2.8million people are employed in the IT industry in the USA. And the number has been growing rapidly since the beginning of 2013.

Among many IT jobs, the following professions are most popular right now:

>“Application software developer”

>“Information Security Analyst”

>“Web designer”

>“Data Scientist”

Also, the medical/healthcare industry is a huge industry that needs a lot of professionals. There is a wide variety of jobs in the medical/healthcare industry. There are so many different types of professions in this medical/healthcare industry. The medical/healthcare industry is not a new industry like the IT industry, but some of the profession didn’t exist 30 years ago. So it’s great to see a wider variety of professions are needed.

The popular professions in the medical/healthcare industry are:

>“Medical services manager”

>“Registered nurse”

>“Medical technologist”

>“Nursing assistant”

>“Home health aide”

>“Occupational Therapist”

>“Physician Assistant”


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