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Message for healthcare professionals

Since last December, I have been working to establish a new coaching company to serve healthcare professionals ( More I learn about this industry, I admire people who work as healthcare professionals. I have learned how stressful the work could be, how complicated the whole system is, and how many challenges people are facing in everyday life.

Under the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, I strongly appreciate your work and effort to protect us. I usually work from home and I am an introvert. So I have never stayed outside of the house much even before this happened. However, since my kids’ school has closed, I stay in my house besides when I need to go out for grocery shopping. Fortunately, my kids are also introvert and are happy to study and play in the house.

My peer founder of Aspire Healthcare Coaching, Janet (her website: ) is a healthcare professional as well. She is seeing many colleagues who have anxiety, are with stress, and/or are with fatigue.

Based on what I’ve heard and learned, it is often very helpful to vent your thoughts and feelings to someone. You don’t have to talk to find solutions and/or clarify. Just putting what is in your mind out can be useful.

So if you feel you might benefit from talking to someone who is well trained to listen, please contact me. I am here for you.

Thank you very much for all the work you do for us.


If you are interested in talking about your expat life, concerns, challenges, and opportunities, please book a FREE session from here →

I would love to hear your story.


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