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If you are ready for a change: Stage 1

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Last week, I asked you if you were ready for a change.

For the next couple of week, I’d like to offer some ideas for people who want to have some changes in their lives.

When you want to go somewhere, the first thing you should know is WHERE YOU ARE. Without knowing where you are located, you can’t decide in which direction you should/want to go. And it is the same when you want to change yourself.

First, you should clarify WHO YOU ARE.

It doesn’t mean your name, age, occupation, or items like those. I’d like you to think WHAT KIND OF PERSON YOU ARE. It’s about YOU, so you might feel it’s strange to ask yourself WHO YOU ARE. Because you might feel you know that. However, if you were asked which area/segment/part of yourself needs to be changed right now, are you able to answer the question without hesitation? Do you have a clear answer? If not, you need to work on that. Or, if you were asked what is your priority/values in your life. Can you tell us what your priorities are? Also, areas of improvement and priorities can be different drastically depends on the stage of your life. So you need to review them occasionally. When was the last time you asked these questions to yourself?

Let me ask you another question.

How many hours/minutes did you spend to take care of others last month?

How many hours/minutes did you spend on your future last month?

It is about YOU. If YOU don’t take time to think about yourself, you won’t be changed. Because no one does it for you.

Let’s do it!

There are several activities to understand WHO YOU ARE.

1. Wheel of Life

This is a great tool to see which area in your life you would like to improve. You can find many kinds of "wheel of life" models online, but iPEC Coaching offers one*1.

When you use a wheel of life, please remember that it doesn’t mean the area/segment with the lowest score is the area you need to work on. When you observe overall of your wheel, ask yourself if you can raise ONE point in one of the area of the wheel, which one looks good?

2. Values Assessment

Search values online, you will get a huge list of values (again, iPEC coaching offers one*1). Look at all the values and pick the FIVE most important values for you and rank them. Then ask yourself why they are important to you. If they are violated, what would happen to you? What would you think and feel? When your values are honored, what would you think and feel?

3. Attributes and Gifts

Write down THREE attributes/gifts of yourself. No reasons and explanations are needed. Just write down three words/phrases.

Then ask someone who knows you the best what three of your attributes and gifts are. You can ask him/her reasons and explanations.

Look at those SIX (three from yourself and three from the person) attributes/gifts. What do you think and feel?

Each work would take no more than 30 minutes. So spend 1.5 hours of your time (You don't have to do them all in one day at all!) and clarify WHO YOU ARE. I believe these activities give you a huge opportunity for your first step of your self-development.

By September 2019, I am planning to provide a booklet to do these activities. Please come back to my website at again!

*1: If you would like to see the Wheel of life and the list of values that iPEC coaching provides, please contact me at


If you have any question and/or need any support for these activities, please contact me at I am more than happy to support you.




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