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If you are ready for a change: Stage 2

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Last time, we talked about figuring out WHO YOU ARE by using “Wheel of Life”, “Values Assessment”, and “Attributes and Gifts”.

Now you have a better understanding of yourself. Today, I’d like to discuss the next stage, WHAT YOU WANT. It means to have a clear goal image. You will create your future.

If the quote by Norman Vincent Peale was true, what would you say? I believe having a goal in your life is valuable and meaningful. Have a clear image of what you want, believe that you are able to achieve, and creating your own life are critical to have a life you want.

Here are three activities I am introducing that you can plan WHAT YOU WANT.

1. Your Ideal Life

First, imagine what kind of life you’d like to have in one, three, and/or five years. By asking questions such as written below, you can have a better idea of what your ideal life is. Please remember not to be judgemental and/or limit yourself. So if you come up with an idea that you want to be a millionaire but you are not even have a job in a host country, you might think it’s not possible. But before eliminating the idea, ask why the idea comes up. Ask “why” at least three times. By asking “why”, you might understand what makes you happy, what you really like, and what is important for you.

>>What is your goal?

>>How would you feel if you achieve the goal?

>>By when would you like to achieve the goal?

2. How You Want to Show Up

The Johari Window is a technique that helps people better understand their relationship with themselves and others. Have you experienced that you believe yourself as shy but others don’t think that way? Both your view as a shy person and others’ view as a non-shy person is YOU. So understanding the other people’s perception about you helps self-discovery. Also, telling your point of view about yourself is disclosure.

If you believe you are shy, but you don’t want to be a shy person, you can plan ahead what behaviors help to give others impression of you as a non-shy person. There is a great TED Talk about your behavior and personality.

Even if you think you are shy, you don’t have to behave as a shy person if it was not how you want to show up. You can decide how to behave. It’s not lying. It’s evolving.

3. Energy Levels

When you believe you are stuck in the current situation, what do you feel? Helpless? Impotent?? Possibly weak??? And if you feel that way, what action/inaction would you take? Hide? Give up?? Or escape from reality???

Like you see above, a certain idea about the situation/reality leads a certain feeling and the feeling leads to a certain action. In other words, if you can control your idea about your situation, you can have a different feeling and it helps to take different (ideal) actions.

Energetic Self Perception chart (I Chart) shows that there are seven levels of energy. A certain energy level determines certain thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is possible that you choose an energy level you would like to be in if you wish.

What is your idea about the situation you are at? What kind of feeling do you have from the idea? Also, what kind of action do you take as a result?

These three activities I introduce today need some time to think, practice, and acquire. And it is not easy. However, it is possible to change.



If you have any question and/or need any support for these activities, please contact me at I am more than happy to support you.




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