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We haven’t seen our family for 2.5 years

Since moving from Japan to the US, we went back to Japan for a few weeks in the summer to see my family and friends. We spent quality time with my parents by going to a short trip, to local botanical gardens, and good restaurants. Until COVID.

Last time I visited Japan was the summer 2019. I thought we’d be back the next year and the one after.

It’s been 2.5 years since we saw my parents. We could go back if we had to, but until last summer, my parents were not vaccinated and we didn’t want to risk them. Also, there is a strict quarantine policy and there is a possibility that we may need to quarantine in a small hotel room upto two weeks. Yes, two weeks. We usually go there for three weeks. Even if we increase the stay to four weeks, we may spend time with my family and friend only for two weeks. I feel two weeks is too short to spend such a big amount of money to fly in a family of four. There are so many places we would like to go and there are so many people we would like to see there. Two weeks are not enough.

However, my parents are getting older. How many more times can we go out together? How many more times can we laugh together? How many more times can we see each other?

It is so sad that we can’t just jump on an airplane and go.


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