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Everyday life can be challenging in a host country

Updated: May 27, 2019

When you move to a new country, you might face many differences and they could be difficult to deal with.

I was a college student when I came to the States for the first time. My English was very limited and I didn’t know anything about outside of my home country.

Currencies looked different, I didn’t know the word “detergent” at that time, and a supermarket was huge. So even buying daily stuff was challenging.

Born and raised in the suburb of Tokyo, I used public transportation and my bike everywhere. My family never owned a car. So it was shocking to see roads without sidewalks in the town I lived for one year.

I loved to read books since I was little. I was surrounded by books and magazines all my life. So I felt sad that all the books I found in the local library were written in English.

Everyday life can be challenging in a host country.

After facing various challenges every day, you might realize how tired you are. And you might want to do nothing. No foreign words, no foreign products, no foreign rules, no no no.

Do not worry. It is normal. Many people have experienced this. So please tell yourself that you are not alone.

Do not blame yourself even you find it difficult to do anything. Instead, please tell yourself you are doing great.

You are a brave challenger.


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