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Do you feel you’ve lost your identity in your host country?

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

>Did you leave your home where all of your family and friends live?

>Did you leave your work in your home country?

>Do you feel that many things are very different in the host country?

>Do you feel you are stuck, powerless, anxious, resentment, hatred, and/or angry?

This message is for you.

Thank you very much for finding this post. Thank you very much for reading this. You might have been searching online hours and hours, weeks and weeks, or months and months to seek a solution. A solution that helps you to feel better. You might find it difficult to type keywords for your solutions because your idea is vague. Or you might haven’t been able to do anything because you have lost your hope and energy for creating your future. Have you felt like you have transformed into a different person since you landed to the host country?

I am here for you.

I was there just like you.

In the summer of 2014, I was relocated to the States and it caused me leaving my challenging and exciting job, wonderful family&friends, and the life I felt comfortable with. In the new country, I was clueless. I didn’t know how to register my child into a local school. I didn’t know which brand of bread we’d like to eat. I was born and grew up in Tokyo without a car, so I was not used to driving around. Also, I was not making any money to support our family. So I felt that I was heavily depending on my husband. I didn’t like the situation, but I didn’t want to go through uncomfortable situations as if I became a child again. Therefore, I hesitated to go out, meet anyone, and do anything new.

For about two years, I had a conversation with myself. It took me a long time, but it helped a lot. During this process, I started to realize my potential and ability. And I started to believe that I could do a lot more. When I look back I have realized that I was coaching myself. When I had a conversation with myself, I didn’t realize that I was coaching myself, but I was.

When I was in Japan, I encountered COACHING through my work. The knowledge was still limited, but it was very helpful. That was why I decided to learn thoroughly about coaching to help others who are where I was.

If you feel you have lost your identity and can’t find what you want to do. Coaching might help.

You can coach yourself if you wish. I have written three blog posts about self-coaching (If you are ready for a change: Stage 1, If you are ready for a change: Stage 2, and If you are ready for a change: Stage 3). Things won’t change in one day, but it might be worth trying.

If you coach yourself and you’d like to discuss your experience, thoughts, feelings, concerns, questions, etc, please feel free to request a free session.


Added message Aug. 02. 2019

Who wants... >>To work self-development with a certified professional coach? >>To figure out your potential while you are in a host country? >>To help me developing a NEW and EXCITING program?

I am looking for THREE people who are desperate to change his/her life.

<Detail> -It's FREE -We will have online private sessions once a week total of 10 weeks

<Requirement> -Commit to working seriously for THREE months -Agree that I record our conversations and use the audio information for promotion purpose -Agree to provide feedback about the program after each session -Can have sessions in English

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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If you have any question and/or need any support for these activities, please contact me at I am more than happy to support you.


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