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Discuss the “Big Picture”

Ms. O is a new manager in her organization. She has been working for the company for seven years and she has achieved high performance every year. So nobody was surprised when she was promoted to a leadership position when their old manager decided to leave the position. However, she was not confident in her abilities and was worried whether she could fully fulfill her new role. She wanted to have some time before becoming a manager, but nobody knew when the next chance would come if she didn’t take this opportunity. So she made the decision.

Ms. O came to a session with me when she was about to have her first team meeting in a few days. She attended countless numbers of meetings and she ran many meetings with her team, stakeholders, and clients. However, it was her first meeting to organize as a team leader. She wanted to have a successful meeting, but she didn’t know what is THE successful meeting and how to run it.

In stead of focusing on meeting agenda and “how to”s about meeting management, we discussed what her dream team image was, how the team and team members show up when everything works well, and what the key for success would be.

In our session, we can discuss practical “how to”s but we can also discuss the “big picture”.

What would you like to bring to our session?


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I would love to hear your story.


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