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A difference is a difference

Updated: May 27, 2019

When people encounter different behaviors, ways of thinking and/or values, it’s easy to assume it is wrong or strange. For example, if you do something to someone but his/her response was different from what you expect, what would you think/feel? It’s normal and understandable to think “What’s wrong with him/her?”, “Why did he/she react like xxx?” or "Isn't he/she supposed to to do xxx?". As you might see, it can be judgmental. You are judging him/her from your perspective. It is very difficult to be free from being judgmental. However, as you may know, being different, showing differences is just simply different and there is nothing right or wrong.

When you live abroad, you might encounter various differences more often than you would in your home country. And it is easy to assume that people in the host country are too lazy, too rigid, too strange and so on. However, it might be judgmental! Then, how can you avoid being judgmental?

It takes time, but the best way is to get to know people and their culture.

Be curious!

Ask questions!

And have conversations!


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