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Coaching Sessions

Are you starting a life in a new environment? Do you work with people from all over the world? Would you like to expand your international experiences?

You might have an experience that you come up with great ideas at a brainstorming session. It is telling you that discussions with someone else give you opportunities to think broader and deeper. And you'd be surprised that you come up with excellent ideas which you would not get if you were doing it by yourself. Similar things happen during coaching sessions. A coach helps you to visualize a goal and to create plans to reach the goal.

Tell me what you would like to achieve. Let’s find out how you can obtain your goals. 

Group Coaching

Would you like to discuss common topics and/or rising issues with an experienced facilitator as well as with other people who are in a similar situation to you?

It is very common to find out that someone you know has similar worries and listening to other people's stories gives you a great hint about your concerns. It will be a great opportunity for you to get new perspectives by having deep discussions with someone you trust.  Also, your experiences and stories can be beneficial to someone else.

There are two ways to have group sessions.

1) You can create your own group with a specific topic to work with and come to us.

Advantage: You can choose a topic and members

Challenge: You have to coordinate

2) We will provide a topic and look for people to participate. 

Advantage: You don't have to find people to join

Challenge: Timing and topic might not work well

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